Local History

Ipswich Uniting Church – Jacaranda Street

Currently located at 114 Jacaranda Street,
North Booval, Ipswich, Q 4304.

A brief history of this Church and the Congregation.

This is an incredible story of the coming together of many churches, over a period of almost 50 years, to unite as one Church Congregation.
Land sold, buildings sold, moved and relocated, for new purposes. The process of people adapting to new places and faces, and being accepted by each other, with the sole purpose to be a dedicated and faithful People of God.

Booval Congregational Church

In 1969, the Booval Congregational Church and Manse, which were situated on the corner of Brisbane Road and South Station Road, were sold and another block of land with a house on it was purchased with the intention of building a new church.
The final service was held there in December 1969, and the congregation moved to the house on the corner of Sloman Street and South Station Road, where they worshipped until the following July.
The Joint Advisory Committee however, would not allow the new building to proceed, and the Congregation moved to North Booval, joining with the North Booval Presbyterian, and North Booval Methodist Churches.

North Booval Co-operative Parish
(Booval Congregational, North Booval Presbyterian, North Booval Methodist Congregations)

In July 1970, the Congregations merged, with Rev Frank Le Bherz becoming the resident minister. He remained until 1977, and led the people through the process of building utilization, and consolidation of the worshipping congregation.
Early on, Worship Services were held at the Bridge Street Presbyterian Church, while Sunday School was held in the Tuggerah Street Methodist Church, with the primary classes held in the hall. Senior School met in the Congregational home at Station Street. With this separation of groups in different buildings and places, it was decided to make further moves to consolidate the Congregation.
With the proceeds from the sale of the Booval building, a large property was purchased at 114 Jacaranda Street (opposite the Jacaranda Butter Factory), and the Trinity Church was built.
This building was dedicated on September 15th, 1973.

Trinity Church
Following the opening of the new church, the young people used the Bridge Street building until the devastating floods in January 1974. Contents from flooded homes were stored in the building and when the Church was in danger of being flooded itself, the furniture had to be moved to the Jacaranda Street property. The government also used the Church vestry as an office for people requiring assistance to recover from the effects of the flood.
Later, the Bridge Street building was moved up to Jacaranda Street and placed between the Church and the Kindy for the use as a Hall and the Bridge Street site was sold. All the buildings were able to be used at the Jacaranda Street property.
The Tuggerah Street Church was moved onto the Trinity Church grounds for the purpose of setting up a Kindy.

Following the formation of the Uniting Church in 1977, the Church was re-named the Trinity Uniting Church, and became a recognizable entity on Jacaranda Street.

When East Ipswich joined Trinity in August 1980, the Manse in Tuggerah Street was built from the proceeds of the sale of the Chermside Road property.

Finally, when Bundamba and Blackstone Churches joined the Trinity Congregation, they became known as the Trinity Ipswich Uniting Church.

Blackstone Congregational Church

Trinity Building ready for Dedication

Ipswich Uniting Church – Jacaranda Street Sanctuary Area