Our Niuean Friends

niueIpswich Uniting Church – Jacaranda Street community is delighted and honoured to host a worshipping group that originated on the Pacific island nation of Niue.

Listening to the issues faced by this Pacific Island Group, as they integrate into European/Australian culture, is helpful for Uniting Church leaders to come to a better understanding about how to help with worship and administration, resourcing and training.

Jameson Taupiasi, on his appointment as Pastor to the Niuean Community, within the Ipswich Uniting Church -Jacaranda Street community.  


In 2020, just as we were coming out of the Covid 19 lockdown period, Jameson was also given Marriage Celebrant privileges. The images that appear here are from the Services of Worship, held on Sunday, July 19th, 2020. 
Rev Peter Taubner presented Jameson with the Marriage Celebrant Certificate at the early 9.00am Service, while Rev Jeanette Gillam presented him with a copy of Uniting Worship 2, which includes all the Wedding Liturgies, at the Niuean language Worship Service at 12pm. Both the Taubners had been involved with the transition of Jameson to this position. It must also be acknowledged that the Synod’s Multi-Cross Cultural Committee was also helpful in gaining this accreditation for Jameson.