About us……………

Welcome to ‘Trinity Ipswich’ Uniting Church, a congregation of the Bremer-Brisbane Presbytery.
One of four Uniting Churches in the Ipswich area, ‘Trinity Ipswich’ celebrates the coming together of three previously separate congregations in 2008, and is in the East Ipswich area. (More information on this will soon be available on our ‘Local History’ page).

The property faces Jacaranda St, and reaches down to the Bremer River at the boundary. There is a church building, a hall, and an associated Kindergarten.
The congregation consists of members from European heritage as well as  Tongans, Fijians, and Niueans. The Niuean Congregation Worship in their Niuean language three Sundays of each month.
Our Worship Services are in traditional format, but new music and data projection bring a more modern feeling to worship. Although a large number of the congregation are retired, there are some families with children and youth.

Altar space at Trinity.

Culturally Inclusive – Niuean Congregation